Couple Time

My fantastic parents came down to visit for the long holiday weekend.  They got to dote on their adorable grandson, and the hubs and I got a chance to get things done and actually have a date without having to pay for a sitter.    They kept little B busy with a new farm set, while DJ and I went out to eat and see a movie.  TWICE.  AND they got up with Bryce in the mornings so that I could sleep in till 8:30  BOTH DAYS.  I felt absolutely decadent.  

We saw Gravity and Captain Phillips, both great movies.  In both films, the protagonists go through extremely stressful and dangerous situations and have to hold it together in order to survive.  Once they are out of harms way, they can finally allow themselves to fall apart.  Having Bryce isn’t quite the same as being held hostage by Somali pirates, but taking care of a child takes some portion of your attention ALL the time.  Even when I am asleep, part of me is still on alert.  When Mom and Dad came this weekend, I felt like I was finally able to let myself ‘fall apart,’ take a break from my structured routines and let someone else hold it together for awhile.  It was wonderful.

I feel so blessed to have such giving parents.  Very few people would travel to our house, clean, cook and watch the baby while DJ and I loll in our pajamas and cavort around town, then THANK US for allowing them to come and spend time with the baby.  Love you so much, Mom and Dad!