Interval Ladder

I used to take a really long time to work out.  I would go out to run for 45 minutes to an hour, or I would do P90x strength workouts, or hit the elliptical while I watched TV.  Now that I have to squeeze all of my personal care time and productivity into the 1-2 hour window of Bryce’s nap, I have been all about circuit training and interval workouts.  If I want to get the maximum results in the least amount of time, short and intense is the way to go!

Bryce does enjoy the jogging stroller for brief periods of time, so on days that I work, or days when he ditches his nap, I’ll usually take him out for a run.  Here is a nice little interval workout that I  did with the jogging stroller this week.  Bryce seemed to like it too, he yelled “RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN!” every time I started to sprint!

Warm up jog for 5 minutes

10 second sprint, 10 second jog (you can count seconds, I usually just count my steps)

20 second sprint, 20 second jog

30 second spring, 30 second jog

etc,  all the way up to 60 seconds.


60 second sprint, 60 second jog

50 second spring, 50 second jog

etc, back down to 10 seconds

I got a nice little burn, and the whole workout covered about 3 miles (including warm up and cool down.)  I love this workout because it is so easy to modify.  Only go up to 30 if you’re short on time, walk instead of jog for the recovery, do a few more 60s in the middle to extend it.  I’m just happy I found a workout that Bryce and I can do together!


Couple Time

My fantastic parents came down to visit for the long holiday weekend.  They got to dote on their adorable grandson, and the hubs and I got a chance to get things done and actually have a date without having to pay for a sitter.    They kept little B busy with a new farm set, while DJ and I went out to eat and see a movie.  TWICE.  AND they got up with Bryce in the mornings so that I could sleep in till 8:30  BOTH DAYS.  I felt absolutely decadent.  

We saw Gravity and Captain Phillips, both great movies.  In both films, the protagonists go through extremely stressful and dangerous situations and have to hold it together in order to survive.  Once they are out of harms way, they can finally allow themselves to fall apart.  Having Bryce isn’t quite the same as being held hostage by Somali pirates, but taking care of a child takes some portion of your attention ALL the time.  Even when I am asleep, part of me is still on alert.  When Mom and Dad came this weekend, I felt like I was finally able to let myself ‘fall apart,’ take a break from my structured routines and let someone else hold it together for awhile.  It was wonderful.

I feel so blessed to have such giving parents.  Very few people would travel to our house, clean, cook and watch the baby while DJ and I loll in our pajamas and cavort around town, then THANK US for allowing them to come and spend time with the baby.  Love you so much, Mom and Dad!


Daily Routines

This morning was pretty yucky.


It was the perfect morning to stay in bed, then stay in pajamas, linger over coffee, and maybe watch some Castle reruns on Hulu.  Before my sweet, wonderful little ray of sunshine came into my life, that is probably what I would have done, but Sunshine wakes at 5:30am, rain or shine, weekend, or weekday, so I’d better be ready!  Something that has helped smooth my mornings out is having a routine in place for both Bryce and myself.

This summer, my friend Julie (who also has a fabulous and informative blog) introduced me to, and it CHANGED MY LIFE.  This lady is the a combination of Martha Stewart, your next door neighbor, and the strict elementary school teacher that never let you off the hook for anything, but you secretly loved.  Flylady’s philosophy revolves around having routines in place so that you do a little bit everyday and never get to the point of having do to a lot all at once.   I will definitely be talking more about how I applied FlyLady’s tips to our household in the future!

One of FlyLady’s strongest recommendations is having an evening routine and a morning routine.  Your evening routine sets you up for success the next day, and your morning routine puts you on autopilot while you clear out the morning fog.

In the evenings, my fabulous husband does the dishes and wipes down the counters and sink while I:

  • Prep Bryce’s breakfast (usually defrosting a muffin or making oatmeal to reheat.)
  • Fill sippy cups with milk and water.
  • Pack lunch for myself and Bryce, if it is a work night.
  • Set the coffee maker.
  • Check my calendar and make a todo list for the next day.
  • Shower and blow dry my hair.
  • Pick out my clothes for the next day.
  • Zzzzzzz……

I set my alarm for 6:15, but usually Bryce wakes up earlier.  When I hear him starting to stir on the monitor, morning autopilot kicks in.

  • Brush hair (If I blow dry the night before, it usually looks pretty good, some hairspray and a flat iron fixes any kinks)
  • Contacts in
  • Awesome tinted moisturizer and eye cream (VitaZing and GinZing, both from Origins), mascara
  • Get dressed, all the way to shoes
  • Go in to get Bryce, hold him in a leg lock on the floor while he fights and screams his way through a diaper change and clothing change  (Best part of the morning right there.)
  • Breakfast and coffee is waiting for both of us, and we are both dressed and ready to go for the day!

Even on mornings like today that I would dearly love to stay in my pajamas, I’m always glad that I got dressed.  I feel like a human being, I’m ready to roll if it’s a good playground day, or if we need to run some morning errands.  Also, I want Bryce to have memories of his mom looking and smelling nice!

I know from being a teacher that children thrive on routines.  I didn’t realize until I started following FlyLady’s advice just how much I would thrive on routines as well!