PTX Vol. 2 Album Review


This a completely biased review.  I watched Pentatonix on the Sing Off the very first week, and picked them as the season winners.  I’ve seen them in concert three times, I watch their YouTube videos over and over when there is nothing good on TV, and I try to slip their songs into my music classes whenever I can.  I watch Scott and Mitch’s YouTube show SuperFruit because it makes me feel like I am their friends, and was considering signing up for a Twitter account solely so that I can follow all of their tweets.  I’m legitimately obsessed.

But, rightly so.  This is one of the most talented musical groups I have ever seen,  I think the only other artist I listen to so regularly and with such admiration is Dave Matthews Band.  Do yourself a favor and download PTX Volume 1, PTXMas, and then prepare to be blown away by their newest album. had a sneak preview streaming on their website today.  I thought about waiting until the album truly released to listen, prolonging the anticipation so that the payoff would be even sweeter.  Yeah, for about TWO SECONDS.  I couldn’t find the Play button fast enough!

Can’t Hold Us:  I LOVED Macklemore’s original, and I love PTX’s version even more.   Each member gets a feature moment, and the driving momentum is propelled by Kevin’s SICK beatboxing and harmonies that have an edge of Gospel.  It’s an exhilarating track; the anthem of five talented young people blessed with the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Natural Disaster:  Primal body percussion and emotional lead singing by Scott Hoying will have you pounding your steering wheel and belting out the chorus.

Love Again:  So far, this is my favorite track!  Haunting harmonies and a beat that would be at home in a dance club.  Mitch kills the lead vocals, and you can feel Avi’s bass in your intestines if you listen with the right speakers!  I found the hook of this song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Valentine:  Tender and sparse, you can hear all of their choral backgrounds showing through in this song.  Kevin keeps the percussion deceptively low key; it has a chill vibe, but CRAZY if you reeeeaaally listen to all the sounds he’s making!

Hey Momma:  Sexy and hard hitting, makes me want to shake my booty.  Hit the Road Jack is sampled and mashed up with the melody, seamlessly mixing down and dirty swing with club beats.  Kevin somehow implants a DJ turntable into his vocal chords for a midsong breakdown.

I Need Your Love:  Another song that gives each member a little moment to shine.  It keeps the energy of the original, but adds that extra PTX somethin’ somethin’ — a little club, a little choir, a little crazy.

Run To You:  *Pin drops*  *Tears flow*

Daft Punk:  It’s everything Daft Punk does with $1000’s of electronic equipment, but with five voices.  IN. SANE.

Save the World/Don’t You Worry:  I loved this when it came out as a music video, and I’m happy that it was included!   A great high energy send-off for an incredible album!

Here is the group’s own take on the album, it’s fun to hear them talk about all the songs!

I hope that everyone who reads this blog (all five of you!) will become Pentaholics after reading this post!  They are just SO GOOD!!!!!


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