Today was a challenging day.  I paid $150 for a plumber to tell me that I needed to call an electrician for the garbage disposal.  I learned that you don’t feed your child prunes right before taking a two-mile walk to the playground.  Today’s cranky hour was actually cranky two-hours, because I’m trying to transition Bryce gradually to daylight savings time.  But, these days will happen.

It actually didn’t feel like a horrible day.  I got to be with my (mostly) smiling little boy, listening to him sing along to his Wee Sing Halloween CD, and watching him do laps around the living room saying “Runrunrun!”  He’s also learned how to say “WOW,”  and he always says in in all capital letters.  WOW look at that muffin for breakfast!  WOW there’s the garbage truck!  WOW I threw a rock off the bridge by the playground!

I can’t believe how adorable my son is, and it makes it so much easier to hose down and clorox the stroller when I see his smiling face up on the porch.


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