Bryce is a friendly little guy, he has a smile and a “Hi!” ready for everyone he meets….as long as they’re adults.  It makes sense, adults are always ready to entertain a baby and they know how to be gentle.  With other kids, especially other toddlers, it’s basically the law of the jungle.   I’ve been trying to get him used to  being around other kids.   He’s not in a daycare setting, so I make playdates with other moms and take him to the playground regularly.  But, I do remember that I was always extremely comfortable with adults and slightly awkward around my peers for most of my own childhood, so he definitely comes by it honestly.

Today at the playground, Bryce had the most adorable interaction with a little girl, and it gave me hope that he wouldn’t always be that loner kid!  One of Bryce’s favorite things to do is pick things up off the ground and give them to people, and he finally met someone who could return the favor!

He was riding in one of the toy cars, and this little girl, probably about 3 years old, came over and offered him a pretty yellow leaf.  She held it out, and  waited patiently for him to take it from her.  He wrapped his chubby fingers around the stem, gave it a cursory shake, and signed “Thank you!”  She brought him more leaves, and then showed him how to crunch them up into leaf confetti.  She was wearing a giant costume necklace, “My Amulet” she clarified to me.  Bryce was really interested in grabbing it.  Much to his delight, she took it off, and put it around his neck.  He held the stone up to look at it, and said “Yaaaay!”  Then he toddled off and found some leaves to give back to his new friend.

I was so pleased — the girl was was very patient and gentle with him, and he was the very receptive to her attention.  I hope we run into her again!  Twenty-five years from now, when they’re married, I’ll be kicking myself for not catching their first date on video!


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