Just a Year Ago

I went jogging around the lake with Bryce when I got home from work today.  It was a gorgeous fall day with a chill in the air and a bright blue sky.


I loaded him up in the stroller with a snack cup of cheerios while he said “Yaaaay!!!”  and “Brrrrroooom Brrrroooom.”  As we ran down the path, he said “Runrunrun!  Runrunrun!”  going fast down the hills,  and “Da     Da    Da     Da”  (trip trap trip trap) as we crossed the wooden bridges.  He barked at all the dogs we saw, echoed the calls of the blue jays and crows, and greeted everyone on the path with a bright and cheery “Hi!”   I felt energized and strong as we sped down the path, and I had a sudden flashback to last year at this time:

I was exhausted from waking up to nurse 2-4 times a night.

It was painful to run because my hips were still out of whack from being pregnant.

Bryce was so small he could barely sit up in the stroller yet.

I would walk around the lake with Bryce in the Boba carrier on my chest, and he would usually fall asleep.  I would rub his back, play with his toes, and smell his soft little head as we plodded around the lake.  Every time we got to the steep hill by the dam, I would take a DEEEEEEEEP breath in, reminding myself that even though I was still carrying a baby around, at least I had my full lung capacity back!


What a difference a year makes!  My body finally remembers how great it feels to run (even with a gigantic stroller!)  My sweet, chubby, sleepy baby is now a sweet little boy who looks with wonder at the world around him (and squawks in protest as we run by the playground without stopping.)   The days are long, but the years are short…



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