Coconut Cashew Crockpot Curry

Say that five times fast!  Tonight was another crockpot night, and this was an experiment to see if I could shortcut one of my favorite curry recipes


Kind of like my pancake mix shortcut, I have found that salsa is another great timesaver.  Salsa is a combination of peppers, onions, tomatoes, and various spices, so it works as a base for lots of different recipes, not just mexican.  In this case, I used it for this AMAZING bean stew.  I love this recipe, because it tastes slightly exotic without completely subscribing to Thai or Indian traditional curry flavors.  It is warm and comforting, sweet and spicy, and the cashew’s crunch keeps it from feeling like normal crock pot mush.  Using the salsa saves me from chopping peppers, chilis and onions, and also takes care of measuring garlic and cilantro.  Make sure that your salsa is nice and chunky and full of good stuff, or you can always add half a bag of frozen peppers and onions in addition.

Coconut Cashew Curry

  • 1 can regular coconut milk
  • 1 16 oz Jar of medium salsa
  • 1 16 oz can of chickpeas, drained
  • 2 T paprika
  • 1 cup cubed sweet potato (can sub fresh or frozen carrots)
  • Roasted, salted cashew halves and pieces (for topping)

Put everything in the crockpot, except cashews.  Cook on low for 5 hours, or high for 3 hours.  Serve with jasmine rice, top with cashew pieces.


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