A Morning with Bryce

Bryce is an early riser.  There was a period of time where he would wake up at 5am (or before!) ready to go, but thankfully he’s evened out and now sleeps in until 6 or even 6:30.  I never considered myself a morning person, but now I don’t really have a choice.  Pre-6:00 wakeups are still kind of painful, but I’ve actually grown to enjoy my morning time with lil B.

I set my alarm for 6:15 on workdays, but I rarely need it.  The monitor on my night stand rouses me when it starts to broadcast “Hi! Whoo whoo! Arf arf arf!”  from Bryce’s room.  He has a stuffed dog in his bed and an owl-shaped clock on his wall, and he never fails to greet his friends every morning.  =)

I take 5 minutes to do my morning routine and then open the door to his room.  “Hi!  Hi!”  He is usually sitting up in his crib snuggling his blanket, and he stands up and begins frantically signing “Eat!  Eat!”  when I walk in the door.  He is warm and snuggly, and I always take a minute to cuddle him and smootch his chubby cheeks.


I’ll spare you the details of what I usually find in his diaper.

I carry him downstairs, and he walks around lifting his hands and grandly singing “Ta Daah!!” as I turn on lights.  I begin to empty the dishwasher as I heat up his breakfast, and sometimes he helps by handing me the dishes from the bottom rack.  (I frantically snatch all the knives from the silverware rack when I hear his little feet padding into the kitchen.)

I set him up in his highchair with his breakfast, and he immediately signs “Music,” looking pointedly at the radio.  I usually attempt to start off mellow with my Nickel Creek Pandora station, but baby boy digs the funk.  He protests until I start up Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake, although sometimes we can meet in the middle with Coldplay.

I’ll make my coffee and light a candle on the table while he enjoys his food, saying “Yum yum yum!  Mmmmmmmm…” He’s definitely his mother’s son!  We watch the birds and squirrels on the deck, and talk about our plan for the rest of the day.  If it’s a workday, I’ll go give DJ his first wake-up poke (it usually takes at least 3) and start gathering my things. If it’s an off day, I’ll clean  Bryce up and head out for some playground time before I start morning chores.

There are some mornings that do not go like this.  Some mornings, he wakes up screaming, smelling of poo, refusing to eat his breakfast, and can’t decide whether he wants up, down, or neither.  But, whether relaxing routine, or battle of wills, I try to cherish every morning I have with my special little boy!


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