Pumpkin Weekend

DJ, Bryce and I had our first “Family Togetherness Activity Outing” this weekend!  Columbia has loads of amazing activities for families to do year round, but we haven’t taken advantage of them yet.  Last year, when Bryce would have spent the whole time sleeping in the stroller, going to carnivals, petting zoos, or children’s shows didn’t seem worth the effort.   This year, he’s ready!

We went to Larriland Farm, about 30 minutes from our house, where they have pick-your-own-fruit orchards, hayrides, a haunted barn, a straw maze, and a pumpkin patch.  We didn’t get to do everything;  we opted for the hayride, and the pumpkin patch.   When Bryce is older, I can totally see making a day out of the activities.   He LOVED seeing a tractor in real life, riding in the wagon, and exploring all the pumpkins.  It was a really fun day, and hopefully the first in many family fun outings!


At the farm entrance.


He had a good time on the hayride, I swear!





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