80’s Flashback

The weather is FINALLY cool enough for me to bust out the underbed chest and swap sundresses for sweaters.  There are other things besides clothes in my underbed storage boxes — old Halloween costumes, extra drapes AND some old friends from my childhood.


Herman the Lobster, Trouble and Muffin the dogs, and Pretty Bit the Popple.

As usual, Bryce was ‘helping’ with the closet changeover.



It warmed my heart to see him light up with excitement and cuddle my old loveys.


When he saw Pretty Bit, he immediately started saying “Ball!  Ball!” because that’s one of the 4 words he can actually say.  The 80’s Saturday Morning Cartoon Advertising people were obviously very good at their jobs, because this was the first thing that came to my mind:

So, I told Bryce “You’ve never seen a ball like THIS!” while unpopping Pretty Bit, and all of a sudden life made sense.


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