Grilled Naan

Wednesdays usually make me feel like that friggin’ camel kicked me repeatedly and then sat on my head.

GEICO Camel_0

I leave the house while it’s still dark, teach every single grade in the school including lunchtime recorder club, and then cap off the day with a faculty meeting that lasts juuuuuuust until rush hour.  After narrowly escaping death on the road at least twice, I arrive home in time for Cranky Hour.   The only food prep I feel like doing after getting Bryce into bed involves using a corkscrew.


Thank God for the Crockpot!  I totally appreciate what this small appliance does to make my life easier, but let’s be real; most crockpot recipes are basically different versions of Glop-In-A-Bowl.  This week’s glop was of the Indian variety (just chickpeas and veggies with some Patak’s Rogan Josh simmer sauce.) I wanted to add something to take it up a notch.

We’ve been grilling pizzas every week since purchasing our new propane grill, and I thought that this cooking technique would be perfect for getting that tandoori oven flavor of indian restaurant naan flatbreads.  I made some dough in my bread machine the night before and kept it in the fridge so it would be ready for grilling when I got home.   I used a naan recipe from my Cooking Light cookbook, but there are a million recipes on the web if you use the Google Machine.  All the recipes I found differ from each other quite a bit; some use sugar, some use egg, some use yogurt.  This version turned out pretty well, but the texture was more like bagel than like naan.  There is probably someone out there who has already come up with this idea and made an instructional youtube video.  I’ll be doing some research for the future!

I let the grill heat up while I dished out some Indian Glop to cool.

I divided and flattened the naan dough, sprayed it with olive oil from the Misto, then plopped it on the grill.  Popped open some liquid relaxation, waited a few minutes.

Kind of like pancakes on a griddle, you watch for the edges to be done and bubbles to form on the top.  When it looked good, I sprayed oil on the top and flipped.  Less than ten minutes later, I had perfectly cooled Indian Glop,  freshly grilled naan, and a nice little buzz from drinking on  an empty stomach.

Salut!  Or namaste?  Not sure what the Indian toasting exclamation is….


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