A Skype Date with Rachel!

What a great weekend! Lots of cooking, cleaning, chilling, and playing with Bryce, but the HIGHLIGHT was a Skype date with Rachel Coleman from Baby Signing Time.

Rachel sings "Baby Signing Time" to Bryce

We have used the Baby Signing Time DVD’s with Bryce since he was 3 months old, and he LOVES them. (Probably because they are the only TV we let him watch….) They have my full approval as a teacher, musician, and a mom. When I found out that Two Little Hands Productions was working on a new project, “Rachel and the Treeschoolers,” I knew that it was going to be amazing. I didn’t think twice about backing the project on Kickstarter, and when I saw that one of the backer rewards was a Skype with Rachel, I knew that was something I wanted to do!

Rachel is truly one of my personal heroes. She created Signing Time because her own daughter, Leah, was found to be deaf when she was a year old. I highly recommend reading Rachel’s story if you have the chance; she took a challenging and painful situation and turned it into an opportunity to help countless other people. Not only is she an example of faith, strength, and optimism, she writes and performs all the songs for the shows herself!

I set up an appointment, and we were waiting anxiously around the computer when she called us on Skype this afternoon. Bryce had actually been asking to watch Baby Signing Time, and he got this huge smile on his face when he saw her on the screen! He loved seeing his special TV friend, and it was so wonderful to talk to her and get to express my gratitude in person. I got more than a little teary thanking her for the ability to communicate with my son! Bryce can verbalize hi, uh oh, ball, and a few animal noises, but because of Rachel, he can sign almost 40 words. She was just as you would expect; animated, enthusiastic, kind, and friendly.

I thought I would be supersmart and run a screen capture so that we could record the call, but it didn’t record the audio. Whomp whomp. Oh well, it was a great experience for us, and helped to support the production of “Rachel and the Treeschoolers!” Here’s a preview from the first episode, I had no idea “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” could make you cry!


One thought on “A Skype Date with Rachel!

  1. Awesome blog! Very encouraged by the video after a very challenging but successful weekend launching at Northside High School:). I agree it is so important to stay focused on the positive! Looking forward to your posts!

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